Help Us Continue To Help You Help Your Loved Ones.

Prisonpulse turns 10 years old in December and for almost a decade we’ve been helping you help your incarcerated loved ones.

We began with one goal in mind; to help the people standing by their loved ones during the hardest of times.

Prisonpulse provides valuable information needed to navigate the complex prison system.

      We’ve spent years researching, collecting and building a database of relevant, up-to-date information so you can get useful answers to your questions about the prison system on demand.

Prisonpulse understands that in-person visits are extremely important to the overall health of both prisoners and the people who care for them. 

      Because of that, we’ve partnered with the best transportation service providers available. We’ve also created an easy, convenient way to find and reserve safe, reliable transports to/from various facilities.

Prisonpulse has done all this without funding or volunteers. But now we need your support in order to continue operations, expand available options and do more to help.

Years Dedicated

A decade of service without funding or volunteers, just hard work, dedication and the drive to make a difference.


Visits Facilitated

We’ve help over 11,000 friends and family members visit their incarcerated loved ones.


Families Helped

Over 140,000 people have found useful factual information from our database.


Goal Met

Our goal is to raise $50,000 to expand our services, offer a smoother experience on Prisonpulse, create programs to help inmates and their families, and update our security.

Donation Allocation

20% will be used to update our servers and enhance our security so your information stays safe and your experience while on Prisonpulse goes smoothly.

30% will go to operations cost such as hosting & domain fees, development, content creation, third party service fees, and providing better customer service.

40% will go towards creating new programs to help your loved ones while they are incarcerated and to help them integrate back into the world when they are released from prison.

10% will be used marketing and research to expand our reach and help more families with incarcerated loved ones from all over the United States.

Every little bit helps. Give what you can afford and together we will continue the fight to bring them home.

Thank You. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jermain Scott CEO and founder of Prisonpulse.