I made a reservation on June 15, to go to Elmira, New York, Bus never came. I would love for my 30 to be refunded.

Money to be refunded for reservation.

Transportation from Buffalo to Groveland Correctional

I’m in transportation from the city of Buffalo New York to Groveland correctional facility and also the cost how much would it cost?


Do u make visits for FRP if so how does it work?

i would love to understand how exactly this system is suppose to work.

I reserved a seat a week prior to my visit, i paid a deposit for $15 and had to pay $80 to the driver when i got picked up. I am so disappointed with the service i received! I got picked up at 6am. With 6 other people in the van all headed to different … Continue reading i would love to understand how exactly this system is suppose to work.

Does this go to Long Island ?

Do these busses go to Long Island ??

Do you still go to Great Meadow?

Do you go to Great Meadow Correctional on Saturdays from NYC

I’m going to lake view

I’m trying to get to lake view correction on Sunday go

I reserved for the wrong date my visit is for the 19th not the 20th of March

I reserved for Wende on 3/20 but the visit is actually on 3/19. How can I change the date? Please advise. Thank you, Janet

How do cancel a ride the person got moved

I recently requested a ride from you guys but the inmate has been moved so I need to cancel the order


I made a reservation and didn’t see the option for door to door it’s say to inform the driver and pay an extra $10 but doesn’t say how to. Also Eastern requires you to take a rapid test there at the facility where you pick up one from then and take in your car not … Continue reading Reservations