We here at Prisonpulse do the best we can to give each and everyone the best experience possible.  We make it super easy to find transportation,  get factual information,  and make reservations for door to door service to many correctional facilities.

If you’ve every visited a loved one in any correctional facility, you know the difficulties of trying to find decent transportation to get you there. While we go to great lengths to provide the best home pickup service, there are some customer behaviors we will NOT tolerate.

Number one on that list is NO-CALL-NO-SHOWS.

We call everyone the night before their trip to confirm that they are still able to make the trip they scheduled with us. Even after we confirm, we still have no-call-no-shows. This cause others that really want to visit their loved ones to miss their visit and leaves us with empty seats we cannot fill at the last minute.

In an effort to put an end to no-call-no-shows, we are making some changes to the reservations process. Starting April 4th 2016 all reservations require a none refundable deposit for each person. We hope this will discourage customers from making reservations they do not plan to keep.

You may pay the entire fare or pay the deposit on our website then you can pay the remaining balance in cash at pickup.

NOTE: We do not currently take payments over the phone, so all reservations will have to be made on our website.

We are always open to suggestions and comments.  Call us 888-538-8812.

Please spread the word about the inconvenience of no-call-no-show. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. J. Scott CEO.



  1. Cece February 22, 2024 Reply

    Has anybody ever took this company to mid state Marcy Correctional facility? Are they legit ?

  2. Carmen colon January 16, 2023 Reply

    You need to update everything especially the drivers . I wont speak for all of them but the ones that I have associated with are rude nasty and no decorum at all. I visited my husband today at green haven and I had the worst transportation ever. I was in tears during the whole visit stressed out about the ride back home, yeah it was that bad, but I really did worry for nothing because the driver never showed up at all to pick me up not even a call nothing so I
    was literally stranded with my daughter. Also Be aware of the website thats says kids 12 and under ride cheaper no they don’t when u get there they will tell you they pay full adult price because of whatever ridiculous reason. Everybody was sitting literally on top of everyone else and No covid precautions taken at all. On a seat meant for 2 are three people crammed in. This just is not the way to go anymore. I rather not see my husband if this service would be my only option. I paid a total of 160 for me and my daughter and it was deplorable from beginning to end.

  3. Crystal Jackson June 17, 2021 Reply

    I’m waiting on email response to do this service do bus take you to Mohawk Correctional Facility & if you do what days & times.

  4. Starkisha Galloway January 10, 2020 Reply

    There’s no other bus that goes to lake view?
    This is the second time my trip got canceled
    And I’m kind of upset.

    • Lauryn Santos December 17, 2022 Reply

      Did you ever find another bus to go up to lake view?

  5. RONNIE McNeill October 7, 2019 Reply

    I would like to go upstate to Attica but I don’t see no telephone number how do I get in touch with you. thank you

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