As part of our commitment to provide you with services that are most beneficial to helping your incarcerated love one, we are introducing a new door to door van service and retiring the Question & Answers feature.

We get a lot of useful feedback from our users, feedback that we use to improve every aspect of PrisonPulse. One of the most discussed issues we have gathered from all this feedback, is the lack of reliable transportation to correctional facilities. While you can find a few good bus and van services with BusFinder, we’ve had a lot of less than satisfactory reviews of many of the other services out there. We see a lot of room for improvements and we are will to take on this challenge.

We have put a lot of thought and planning into our new van service. It was clear that offering another van service just isn’t going to cut it. You don’t want to stand out in the cold late at night waiting a van, you want better entertainment during your trips, charging ports for your wireless devices and enough time to relax and eat your food. We listened and came up with DoorToDoor, a van service that offer exactly what you want. Our Door to door transportation service is now offering weekly trips to Eastern, Shawangunk, Wallkill and Ulster correctional facilities on Saturdays and Sundays from Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens (Sorry, no service in Long Island, Staten Island, Far Rockaway or Westchester). We intend to expand to other facilities, but first we will use your feedback to craft the experience you desire.

To celebrate the release of our Door to door service, every registered member of PrisonPulse receives a $5 discount every time you make reservations. All you need to do is login before you make reservations and the discount will be applied automatically. No need to remember any codes or keep track of cards, just sign in and make your reservations. As always registration is free forever.

Question & Answer

We are shutting down the Q&A feature today as it is simply not proving to be useful to you. Many of you are using FacilitySearch to find answers to your questions and not the Q&A. While it was designed to deliver the best answers to your questions, this has not been the case and we believe the best course of action is to spend our resources improving FacilitySearch.

We plan to put a lot of hours into adding more information to FacilitySearch. We recently updated our search engine and released instant search to help you find answers faster. This is a feature you may have seen in search forms all over the internet, results appear as you type. Start typing in the search box above to see it in action. We a always looking for ways to improve PrisonPulse to better help you help your loved one. Expect to see many more from PrisonPulse in the coming months.



  1. Jessica November 6, 2023 Reply

    I’m looking for a bus service to upstate for thanksgiving , please let me know

    • Shannon February 23, 2024 Reply

      The worst, service ever!! Trip was cancelled and no one notified us….after waiting til 1 am in the morning. Im still waiting as per there policy

  2. Octavia Webb August 27, 2023 Reply

    Hello , I currently reside in Staten Island and I’m trying to find a decent bus company to take me to Green Haven Correctional facility please if anyone knows of a good bus company to take me there please contact me

  3. Christopher Graves June 1, 2022 Reply

    I also offer door to
    Door services aswell

    • Pamala September 8, 2022 Reply

      Good afternoon Mr Graves I’m looking to visit Midstate correctional facility my question is do you do door to door service I’m the only person going what is the price.

  4. Charla March 22, 2022 Reply

    Looking for the best service to go from Brooklyn to Clinton correction facility I’m looking for Door to door

    • Serena Colby January 19, 2023 Reply

      Prison pulse is run by a bunch of ratchet low grade unprofessional “drivers” who will tell you one thing over the phone and in person everything is different. It is completely unorganized, poorly ran and always late, going and coming. Pp charges more than most van services but yet they are definitely the worst. Vehicles are always dirty their are people allover you because they overbook and stuff all these people in little vans. Needless to say they do not follow covid guidelines at all. This was the worst experience of my life and if I have to rely on pp for transportation then I will wait till my husband comes home.

  5. Peaches March 18, 2022 Reply

    Do your have any vans or buses that goes to Attica

    • Asia September 28, 2022 Reply

      are yo still trying to visit Attica because I am to

  6. Lourdes September 29, 2021 Reply

    Do you provide service door to door from Brooklyn (coney island) to green haven? If so how much for adult n child

  7. redd September 8, 2021 Reply

    is there a door to door van service from bronx ny to eastern correctional

  8. Ldydee September 7, 2021 Reply

    Do you know of a transportation service to Five Point Correctional Facility door to door.

  9. Lenny August 29, 2021 Reply

    Hi I’m trying find somone drive me to groveland and come back same day .please let me know full price . Thanks .

  10. Kandy July 5, 2021 Reply

    I wanted to know if you door to door service or if you pick
    Up in Long Island ny. I want to go to Cape Vincent correctional

    • Maria Bishun September 8, 2022 Reply

      Hello I’m flying to the state of NY from Florida
      I have to go to the Greenhaven correctional facility on a Wednesday I’m looking to go from queens.
      U do door to door right?
      As I’m 55 and not good at knowing my way around as I reside in Tampa Bay Area Florida.
      What time do I come I need to go and return door to door also what type of Identification do I need?
      Respectfully Maria

  11. Una Chulla November 28, 2020 Reply

    Can I get a number to travel to Attica and Clinton as I have family in both prisons? Please email

    • Tiffany July 15, 2021 Reply

      Hi love call WE Transportation 6462262433

  12. I’m trying to find a bus that goes to Gouverneur Correctional Facility August 18, 2020 Reply

    I’m trying to find a bus that goes to Gouverneur Correctional Facility

  13. Tiffany Felix August 17, 2019 Reply

    I made reservations on the 15th of August for today August 17th and my bus never showed nor did anyone call me to let me know the bus was never coming. This is very unprofessional of your company and it’s not right due to the fact that you guys are offering transportation for family’s to go see there loved ones in jail, what’s even worse of the matter is my significant other was expecting this visit and you guys charge a fee to make the reservation.

  14. Ashley March 13, 2019 Reply

    I am trying to find a bus or van that goes from somewhere close to Binghamton NY to Riverview correctional facility. Can you please assist?

    • Prisonpulse Team March 14, 2019 Reply

      We currently do not have or know of any transportation companies going from Binghamton to Riverview Correctional Facility.

      • Rasheemah August 2, 2019 Reply

        My bus have t came to pick me up yet

        • Evelyn Santiago May 18, 2021 Reply

          I want to go to Clinton facility

          • lakesha roberts June 23, 2021 Reply

            I’m trying to get a van service for rockaway, to green haven correctional facility

            • Serena Colby March 20, 2023 Reply

              Omg this is one ratchet ass bus service with sorry ass drivers. I have used this service a few times and I have to say I have never had a positive experience with this service. I didnt see my husband for almost a year because I could not find a decent bus service. I preferred not seeing my husband if PP was my only resort. It’s ok the occasional mishap but all the time is completely unacceptable and i will not use them ever again. Also pls be weary about the “deposit” on line. The driver will recharge you again even if you left a deposit online. He will hit you with the “I don’t have nothing to do with that online stuff give me my money” extremely rude. I work hard for my money and if I chose your service then as a paying consumer I think I deserve some respect and courtesy especially if I’m giving it back to you. But being treated in a rude disrespectful manner is no way acceptable and i will not humor business that practice this sort of behavior.

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