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If you are sending mail to Mid-State Correctional Facility the address is:

9005 Old River Road
P.0. Box 2500
Marcy, New York 13403

If you are sending mail to an inmate in Mid-State Correctional Facility:

1) Print your name and address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.

2) Print your loved one name and DIN number in the middle of the envelope.

3) Print the correctional facility name and address below your loved one’s name

4) There must be nothing written on the envelope except the your name and mailing address and your loved one name, DIN, correctional facility name and address.

5) You should not spray the envelope or its contents with perfume.
6) Do not send more than 5 pages in one envelope.



  1. Linda May 3, 2019 Reply

    What is prison pulse

    • Kathleen Jones December 9, 2019 Reply

      Sending a keyboard to son at Mid State Correctional -any restrictions? I’ve heard it needs to be from vendor and under $300. Can I send bench and pedal and headphones with?

      • Lakiecha sexton January 25, 2020 Reply

        Can the inmate have a green bath towel in your facility??

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