I reserved a seat a week prior to my visit, i paid a deposit for $15 and had to pay $80 to the driver when i got picked up. I am so disappointed with the service i received! I got picked up at 6am. With 6 other people in the van all headed to different facilities, i was the only person going to a specific facility knowing that, i need to understand how the system works… How do you drop me off last and pick me up first when i am suppose to stay for the whole visit. Everybody else in the van was allowed there whole visit. I know they going to blame it on the prison say it’s there fault i didn’t get my whole visit but that’s bullshiit. Cause again how does the system work ? Does the driver know in advance which people are going to which facility because he looked very surprised when he found out where i was headed ? The audacity came when i was exiting the van for my 1hr visit and he said “you gonna pay me” it’s $90 to come up here ! Like what kind of low down business ya got going on ? I don’t understand how ? There was no explanation no apology just a cut throat service. Shaking my head. Well you live and you learn be well


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  1. CP June 13, 2022 Reply

    That’s helpful and thanks for sharing!! I was almost going to book them. Sorry you went through that.

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