While a growing number of people are choosing video visits many still chose to take the long overnight ride to see their loved ones in person. Face to face visits give inmates a few hours away from their everyday routine and the pleasure of looking at a familiar face, but can be very hard on you. Hours of traveling, strict facility rules, hundreds of dollars in extra expenses and much more. So when you do take the time to make a face to face visit be prepared, so you can have a memorable visit. To help you have the best visiting experience we’ve put together a few tips.

1) ID Triple Check.
You will not be allowed to visit any facility without the proper identification. Most facilities accepts state issued ID’s like your Non-drivers ID or Drivers licenses. Always double check to make positive you have your ID and keep it in a safe place. If you are traveling with young children they will need their birth Certificates.

2) Last Minute
Make sure the person you want to visit is still at the facility you’re visiting. Facilities can transfer inmates from one prison to another at anytime without notifying you first. Be sure to call the correctional facility before you depart for your trip. It’s just as important as never forgetting your ID, if there’s no one to visit your wasting your time and money.

3) You Need Money.
No food is served on the visit, but there are vending machines where you can purchase food. It is recommended that you have enough money to buy food for both you and your loved one. Some facilities allow you to take pictures and put money on the inmates books, these are other expenses you should take into considerations as well.

4) Dress Appropriately.
Some facilities do not allow contact between you and your loved one and they have strict dress codes to keep it that way. They are very adamant about wearing anything that might stimulate the inmates. If the Correction Officer find your attire too revealing they can deny your visit or ask you to change.

These are 4 simple but important tips that will help you to have a great visit. If you follow them every time you plan a trip you will significantly reduce the chances of your visit being denied, and wasting your time and money.

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    This are some great tips, thank you for taking the time to post this.

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