There is a lot of information out there and 99% of it does not pertain to you or your current situation. Relevance is the key to finding the right information when you need it and PrisonPulse FactSearch was designed to deliver the most relevant info when you need it. By delivering the most accurate information as opposed to the most information you can save lots of time getting exactly what you are looking for. We spend a lot of time researching and filtering all the information we include in our Fact Search, which equals an enormous amount of work for us but, quick access to the exact information you need.

We put a lot of thought and planning into our FactSearch feature. While the Q&A feature will give you lots of opinions and ideas from other members, the FactSearch will only give you… well, facts. You can use it to find anything from visiting times for facilities to the phone numbers for the New York State Department of Correctional Services and a lot more. Now instead of reading through countless pages you can simply do a quick FactSearch to find the information fast. We know you will not be able to find all the information you need with the FactSearch that is why we included a Q&A.

Our Q&A is designed to help you get answers from other members of Prisonpulse. A very important aspects of our Q&A is the ability to vote-up questions and answers you find most helpful. This will boost the most useful questions and accurate answers to the top. Both of these feature are aimed at helping you finding that 1% you want without combing through the other 99%.

We are always looking for ways to improve, so we encourage you to submit your ideas for consideration.


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